Residential Electrical

electrician working on outlet in kitchen

How It Works

Residential electrical work typically applies to buildings that are residences, single-family homes, and small apartment buildings.


  • Reading and interpreting technical drawings and blueprints
  • Inspecting electrical components, from your breaker box to electrical outlets, to ensure they work correctly and safely
  • Installing new electrical wires, lighting and other electrical components
  • Maintaining electrical systems
  • Diagnosing and resolving problems in your electrical circuit
  • Replacing old or broken components
  • Being aware of and following local and national regulations for electrical systems and safety

Your Home Electrical System

Your home’s electrical system includes incoming power lines, an electric meter, a service panel, household wiring including hot wire and neutral wire, electrical boxes, circuit breakers, outlets, light switches, and, of course, the appliances like light fixtures that put to use the power provided through connect wires.

A number of electrical components can affect things in your home. Modern safety features in the junction box or electrical panel can stop power from going where you don’t want it, but other connections, damaged power lines, storms, or mistakes in electrical service can sometimes allow unusual voltages into your system, possibly causing damage.

  • circuit breaker panel

    Circuit Breaker

    The circuit breaker is a necessary safety technology in your home. Whenever your wiring has too much power flowing through it, the circuit breaker cuts the power until the issue can be resolved.

    Without these machines, household electricity could easily cause fires, injury, and other safety hazards.

    The most common reason for a tripped breaker is an overloaded circuit. If your electrical needs are requiring more power from your electrical circuit than it can safely handle, your electrical panel will shut down to prevent overheating and further damage, and you may consider rewiring or adjusting the power systems in your home to avoid further issues.

  • electrician adjusting outlet with exposed wires

    Hot Wires

    A hot wire is the initial power source to a circuit. It carries the current from the power source through your residential wiring to power your home.

    Hot wires are always carrying electricity, meaning it is dangerous to touch a hot wire while there is a power source feeding it. Before you go shutting down your fuse box, consider the risks associated with trying to trouble shoot your own electrical issues, and instead call on the professionals at Integrity Electrical.

  • electric wires for building connected underground

    Ground Wire

    A ground wire is an electrical wire that extends into the ground below your home. The purpose of a ground wire is to give excess electrical charges a safe place to go.

    A ground wire helps those positive charges get to the ground in a safe, direct and controlled way, where they can be discharged without the risk of electrical shock or fire.

  • Electric bill report with money and light bulb on it

    Save on Power & Money!

    It’s important to utilize a licensed electrician to fix electrical issues safely, but did you know they could also help your home to run more efficiently?

    With energy savings, efficiency, maintenance, and effectively designed controls systems, many homeowners actually have the opportunity to save money with the help of a licensed electrician.

    In the Tucson heat this can also translate to reduction in overall electrical consumption and less heat generation, lowering you summer electric bill and providing savings for years to come.

    Residential Electrician in Tucson

    At Integrity Electrical & Controls Systems, we pride ourselves on offering a variety of quality electrical services to support every homeowner.

    Diagnosing and repairing electrical problems
    Upgrading wiring
    Installing new electrical components
    Improved control system engineering
    Electrical maintenance
    And more! 

    The dedicated team at Integrity Electrical has everything you need for the safety, efficiency and convenience in your home. Stop your search for a Tucson electrician today. Call or click below for a quote from Integrity Electrical & Controls Systems!