Commercial Electrical

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Commercial Electrician

A commercial electrician is a licensed professional who is equipped to address any electrical need pertaining to installation and maintenance of the appliances, breakers, generators, and power system as a whole.

At Integrity Electrical & Controls Systems, our commercial electricians can plan and diagram electrical systems, engineer systems from provided blueprints, repair electrical controls, and diagnose issues with electrical components found in customer’s electrical equipment.

Whether designing the system or working from blueprints, the electrician installs the conduits and runs the electrical wiring. These wires are usually terminated at switches, circuit breaker panels and relays.

Commercial electricians can also wire instruments that control the power, lighting, heating, air conditioning and refrigeration in buildings.

electrician working on control panel on top of building

Commercial Electrical Systems

A commercial electrical system uses a different electrical procedure through industrial motor control centers to operate. Compared to residential electrical wiring, commercial properties tend to utilize more complex wiring systems, phases of power, and different conduits.

These elements provide the system with the capability to operate smoothly.

industrial control panel

Industrial Electrical Systems

Industrial electrical systems include various sub electrical systems, involving HVAC, energy management, building automation, fire and life safety systems, communications, and security.

An industrial electrician may interpret drawings, blueprints, and electrical code specifications; install, examine, replace, and repair electrical wiring; and troubleshoot, maintain, and repair industrial, electrical, and electronic control systems.

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Commercial Electricians in Tucson

At Integrity Electrical, we can handle both commercial and industrial jobs, large and small, and we strive to always serve our customers by providing quality work while exhibiting honesty and integrity at all times.

The efficiency of your electrical system in Tucson, AZ can make a big difference for cooling costs. Don’t delay on saving your property power and money this summer!


  • Diagnosing and repairing electrical problems
  • Upgrading wiring
  • Installing new electrical components
  • Improved control system engineering
  • Electrical maintenance
  • And more! 

Why Use an Electrical Contractor?

  • Do Not DIY

    Handling electricity is dangerous. At Integrity electrical, each of our electricians are trained through specialty electrician programs to handle everything from high-voltage projects in commercial buildings to the simple wiring of light fixtures in your home.

    A commercial electrical contractor is better equipped to handle your minor electrical repairs or major installations without damage or injury.

    Electrical engineering services also ensure that your electrical system meets required safety standards.

  • Qualified Lead Electricians

    The lead electrician is the one who does the maintenance, inspection, repair, and installation of needed equipment. General lead electrician support on a project helps to ensure consistency and reliability across the commercial electrical work performed.

    Electrical contractors are responsible for making sure that those systems work effectively, efficiently, and safely. Electrical systems found to be running less-than-optimally can be improved by an industrial electrician through the design, installation, or maintenance of a system.

    Integrity Electrical & Controls Systems

    We provide full-service residential and commercial electrical contracting for new construction, renovations, investment properties, exterior and interior wiring, landscape lighting, and service upgrades. 

    From design to finish, our experienced team will ensure satisfaction with a job well done – the first time!

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